This week’s numbers in the real world has to do with federal regulations. Given that there are so many federal regulations, it’s important that they be numbered. How many regulations are there? I couldn’t find a count of regulations, but I did find a count of pages – at the end of 2012, there were over 169,000 pages of regulations. These pages of regulations can be found in the 50 titles of the Code of Federal Regulations — go here if you are in need of some bedtime reading:
Here’s a favorite regulation of all campers (Regulation 36CFR2.10):

Go here to read up on this regulation:

Bears are not mentioned in the regulation, but anyone who has camped out in the wilderness knows that this is what this regulation is about. I haven’t ever camped out in the wilderness because let’s face it, there’s bears out there! But occasionally I walk around in the wilderness and encounter scary trash can signs like this one:

Or worse yet, I sometimes encounter scary bathroom signs like this one:

Who wants to pee if a bear is capable of opening the bathroom door?!?!

As summer approaches, as trips are planned, as tents and Airstream Trailers are retrieved from storage, as travelers set out to enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us, don’t forget about Regulation 36CFR2.10. Happy camping trails.

(This is the view just past the women’s restroom and trash bin – at Jackson Lake north or Jackson Hole, Wyoming.)