This week’s number in the real world is a type of counter; and I’m not talking about the lunch counter at the local diner – although personally I’m a fan of lunch counters and local diners.

Anyway. . . sometimes we reach a point in life where we stop and say, “Wow!  I’ve really come a long way.”  And sometimes we reach a point in life where we want to know exactly how long of a way we’ve come.  It’s at this point in life that we pull over and look at our odometer.

Wow!  I’ve come 113,385 miles!

The odometer may not tell us much.  It doesn’t tell us where we’ve been, who we were with, or how fast or fun the journey was.  It doesn’t tell us whether we were driving with the windows down and the radio up and a good conversationalist by our side.

Regardless of what the odometer does and doesn’t tell us, may you keep on racking up the miles on the odometer of your vehicle and on the odometer of life. Make the miles count!