Exit numbers!  Here is my favorite exit number in the whole world because when I see this exit number it means I’m almost home. Home isn’t Atwood, but it’s the exit I take to get to the place where I grew up — Sterling, CO.

Yep, Exit 115 on I-76 in Colorado has been very, very good to me.

Do you have a favorite exit number?

“Now the miles I put behind me ain’t as hard as the miles that lay ahead
And its much too late to listen to the words of wisdom that my daddy said
The straight and narrow path he showed me turned into a thousand winding roads,
My footsteps carry me away, but in my mind I’m always going home.”
— Joe Diffie

P.S. As a bonus, this picture has a second number on it — Highway numbers.  The highways we travel on, as we drive down the Highway of Life, need to be numbered so we can make sure we’re traveling down the right road. May you be on the right road today!