This week’s numbers in the real world: numbers on price tags.

Yes, price tags!  You know–those things that indicate the cost of an item. Price tags are not to be confused with barcodes which don’t tell you the cost of an item but do tell a scanner the cost of an item.  Barcodes are cryptic; price tags are not. Barcodes are everywhere; price tags are not.  Barcodes are so 21st century; price tags are not.  Yes, I know barcodes were invented in the 20th century, but they didn’t catch on until the 80s, and that’s almost the 2000s.

Price tags may be a dying breed, but they can still be found. I tore my house apart trying to find a price tag, and here is what I found.

A very low-tech price tag:

A very high-tech price tag.  It’s very typical for a price tag to always have his sidekick, The Barcode, along.

Do you miss price tags being on all items? I have to say I’m indifferent on this one. One thing I’m not indifferent about is price tags on glass. Don’t you hate it when you buy a picture frame, for example, and the price tag is stuck like glue on the glass? Been there done that too many times.

However, the next time this happens I won’t mind because I finally learned how to get rid of these gobbledygook messes.  Vinegar!

I stumbled across this useful tip while reading about the 15 ways to fix everything with vinegar.

This week may your shopping cart contain a bottle of vinegar and a price tag or two.  And as always, make this week count!