This week’s “Numbers in the Real World” are numbers that count time.

  • How many seconds does it take to blink your eyes? (.3)
  • How many seconds does it take for a car traveling at 60 mph to stop? (6.87) .
  • How many seconds does it take to fall in love?  (8.2) .
  • How many seconds does it take to reach terminal velocity? (15)
  • How many seconds does it take to flush a toilet? (2)

Well, at least one is supposed to take 2 seconds to flush this particular toilet.  This toilet was on a boat.

Thank goodness we have numbers to tell us how many seconds to hold the handle down.  Flushing should not be left to guess work!  When I’m on a boat the last thing I want to be guessing about is how long to flush the toilet.  Once again, numbers to the rescue!  On boats, toilet-flushing instructions are just as important as life jackets!  The 2-second rule in this case worked perfectly, and in no time at all (well some time — 2 seconds to be precise), I was out the bathroom door, and headed toward the stairs to the upper deck.

Once on the upper deck, I was enjoying the wind in my hair and the whales in the water.  Yep, I spotted a whale! However, the whale was in and out of the water quicker than you could flush a toilet, so I didn’t get a picture of it.   I move much slower than a whale, so here’s my picture: