This week’s numbers in the real world: flight numbers.  One can’t fly without being bombarded by numbers, just one of which is flight numbers.  “Flight 553 is boarding now at Gate B39.  We will start with Zone 1.  You are allowed two carry-ons.”

AAA projects 43.4 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  90% of travelers or 38.9 million will travel by automobile, 3.14 million of travelers will travel via airplanes; and the rest will travel by donkey.  Just kidding – don’t know about that one.  However, I once read that the most popular form of travel worldwide is by donkey.  So there you go!

Fortunately, I will be in the friendly skies this Thanksgiving holiday and not on a back of a donkey.  Which is friendlier:  the skies or donkeys?  How many carry-ons can you carry on a donkey?  Are donkeys ever delayed?  Do donkeys ever tell you to turn off your electronic devices and stow them away for take-off?

The top 5 busiest airports for Thanksgiving travel are: 1. Chicago O’Hare International, 2. Los Angeles International, 3. Logan International, 4. LaGuardia International, and 5. San Francisco International.

Here’s a site that ranks the top 20 worst airports at Thanksgiving.

San Francisco is the worst; Denver is tied for 7th worst. In 2012, 13% of Thanksgiving flights were delayed at DIA.   I’ll let you know just how “worst” DIA is this Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned. . .

Whether you are traveling by car, air, or donkey this Thanksgiving holiday, may you encounter happy trails.

Make this week count.