This week’s numbers in the real world: Number of inches between airline seats.   

This is called seat pitch.

In the next couple of months, I will be taking to the friendly skies and traveling hither and yonder. So seat pitch is on my mind.  Seat pitch is generally 30-32 inches.  On the small planes it is 28-30 inches.  If you get stretch seating (Frontier) or economy plus seating (United) seat pitch is around 34-36 inches.  What a difference 4-6 inches makes!  And if you’re so lucky as to have first class seating — well seat pitch is 55-60 inches.

I happened to come across this picture of an inside of an airplane from the good ol’ days.

Look how roomy!  Look at the food the flight attendants are pushing down the aisle! Look at how well-dressed everyone is!  No one is using a laptop!  No one has a smart phone!  Everyone is visiting!  Everyone is skinny!  What a difference 50 years makes.

Here’s a picture of flying in the 21st century:

Look at how sardines-in-a-can like! Everyone (excluding the 2-year-old) is scrunched!  Everyone (including the 2-year-old) has a laptop, i-Pad, Kindle Fire, or smart phone!  Everyone is sleeping. No one is eating!  No one is well-dressed!  Someone in this picture has a tattoo!  (It’s not me.)

Tonight I will be getting on one of the planes with 28-inch seat pitch.  I won’t even dream of taking out my laptop; but I may dream.  I will dream of 55 inch seat pitches and shirt-waist dresses and pearls and panty hose and poodle cut hairdos.

Happy contrails.